Introduction to Responsible Gaming

Recognizing the importance of responsible gaming, 1win Morocco is committed to creating a safe and fair space for gambling entertainment. Our mission is to provide services that are not only enjoyable but also protect our customers from possible risks. We actively work to prevent gambling addiction, protect minors, and support the principles of moderation and self-control. As part of this approach, we offer a variety of tools and resources to support our players, helping them enjoy gaming without losing control and financial wellbeing.

Healthy Attitudes Toward Gaming

Maintaining a healthy attitude towards gambling is a key principle of our policy. We encourage players to see gambling as a recreational activity and not as a way to make money. It is important to remember to gamble only for amounts you are willing to lose and to avoid attempting immediate wagering after a loss, as well as to limit the amount of time spent gambling and to monitor financial spending and realize that gambling is about chance and luck, not guaranteed income.

Support for Responsible Gambling Policy

1win Morocco is committed to supporting a global policy of responsible gambling. We aim to ensure that gambling is a source of enjoyment, not stress or problems, and to maintain an environment where players can play safely, knowing that their wellbeing comes first and always provide information and resources to help maintain a healthy attitude to gambling.

Maintaining Control of the Game

An important aspect of responsible gambling at 1win Morocco is maintaining game control. We are committed to ensuring that our customers play in an informed and safe manner, and to this end, we offer several guidelines:

  • Setting Limits: Determine the maximum amount of money and time you will spend on gambling. This will help you avoid overspending and staying in the game for long periods.
  • Avoiding Borrowed Funds: Never use borrowed funds for gambling. Gambling should only take place within your personal budget.
  • Variety of Leisure: Finding other forms of entertainment will help balance the time spent gambling and avoid it becoming the only source of pleasure.
  • Time tracking: Regularly track how much time you spend gambling to prevent possible addiction.

Gambling Addiction Prevention

1win Morocco takes the prevention of gaming addiction seriously, and our measures include the following:

  • Risk Awareness: Informing players about the potential risks and consequences of excessive gaming.
  • Self-Diagnostic Tools: Providing tests and self-assessments so players can better understand their attitudes towards gambling.
  • Links to Help: Providing access to resources and organizations that offer help for gambling addiction.

Signs of Gambling Problems

Recognizing the following signs can help identify the onset of gambling problems:

  • Increasing Bets: A steady increase in bet sizes can signal a problem.
  • Gambling for a Long Time: If you spend more time gambling than you planned, this may indicate a loss of control.
  • Gaming as a Way to Avoid Problems: Using gaming as a coping mechanism for stress or problems is a red flag.
  • Unsuccessful Attempts to Limit Play: Failure to limit or stop playing may indicate a developing addiction.

Game Management Tips

To maintain a healthy relationship with gaming, we recommend following these tips:

  • Limit Time and Money: Set clear limits on the time and money allocated to play.
  • Play in a Good Mood: Avoid playing if you feel stressed, tired, or depressed.
  • Avoiding Borrowed Money to Play: Never play with borrowed money.
  • Finding Alternative Hobbies: Develop interests and hobbies outside of gambling.

Self-Exclusion Policy

We offer a self-exclusion option for those who decide to take a break from gambling or feel the beginnings of a gambling problem and this option includes temporary or permanent account closure.

Additional Help

In case of gambling problems, we strongly recommend using the services of specialized organizations, so here are links to useful resources:


These organizations offer advice, support, and guidance for people facing gambling problems.